This was part of a remodel, so it was not your standard remove old, install new. The new unit was placed in a different location and the wiring was re-routed. They took care of the remaining electrical connection needs. They were very good to work with and accommodated my needs and preferences. There were additional complexities involved since this was a double wide mobile home. The end result was functional and very clean! I'm very happy with the result
Jared B.
Mesa AZ
We purchased our home thirteen years ago when it was new. Over the years we have used many of the top advertisers in Arizona for inspections and work on our heating and air conditioning units. Every single one of them said we needed something done or would need something done soon. Every one of them said we needed to replace the compressor and that some part was not working that was causing the unit to overheat and use more energy than necessary. Though one company told us we needed to have the unit in the attic leveled and charged us roughly $ 480.00. Sure enough the next company we called told us we needed to have it done again at similar cost. We did not have it done again and were totally disgusted. Fast forward to our first experience with Aire to The Throne which was through our home warranty company. Andrew came out and inspected everything including the equipment inside the roof of the house. The result was a clean bill of health. The Freon was only a quarter pound low which he said was not enough to be a problem but he added it at no additional cost. My wife and I were immediately concerned that Andrew did not find the same problems all the other companies had told us about. So we confronted him on it. This was the result; Andrew took us out to the main outside unit. He took apart the part that all the other companies did and tested it and showed us that everything was well within manufactures specifications. Then he pulled a wire off and told us to watch. Suddenly the unit was heating up and using more energy than it should. Then he plugged it back in and it cooled back down and started working well within specs again. In the past we had this part replaced more than once. This was not major work and had this sensor/controller replaced for roughly $ 180.00-$ 225.00 twice before. After the first two times I was so suspicious we never had it done again. We then asked Andrew about the compressor because everyone said it needed to be replaced. He then tested the capictor in front of us and it was functioning well within its specifications. He showed us his report that it had leaked a very small amount of lubricant. He then showed us where it had leaked. Just a few drops down the side of a sealed unit. He said it did not appear to be a problem and that it would probably last for many years. He said he would watch it and test it each time he came over but for now there was nothing to worry about. That first experience was roughly five years ago. In all that time we have not had a single problem with our heating and air conditioning units. That's right. A clean bill of health every inspection five years running. What little Freon our unit has needed was included each time in the cost of the inspection. Needless to say. Aire to Throne is the only company we trust with our heating and air conditioning units.
I called them late in the afternoon, and they were able to come out the next morning. Compressor was shot, so Terry gave me the options, risk, and pricing: replace compressor, replace condensor only (including compressor), replace condensor and coil, or replace everything including furnace unit. Because of the age of the unit, decided to replace condensor and coil. Terry gave me an estimate after investigating the attic, and they were able to install the unit the next morning. They were very professional and the upstairs was cool again by the end of the day!